Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Returning from afar

Well, I must be the world's laziest blogger. Unfortunately, in the blogger's universe, they don't give awards for that. Aside from 'technical difficulties' I experienced with accessing my own blog (aaarrrrrgggghhhhh), I began to rethink it all: should I bother? I almost have three school-aged children and my rantings of life at home seem to be a part of another era. I have taken most of a year off from doing entries with any sort of regularity. And what a year it has been - but let's face it, they're all eventful in their own way. Perhaps the biggest challenge for me this year (which also accounts for my lack of blogging) has been the return to work. It certainly adds another layer of responsibility and time management. My house has cerainly never looked worse. And you know what: I don't care. It's not that I'm apathetic, it's just that I've stopped agonising over the little things so much. Ok, I've lowered my expectations. My parenting goals are: keep 'em clean, keep 'em fed, keep 'em clothed and keep the peace. And for now, that is going to have to be enough! Stay tuned, proper blogs will appear at random...

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